When Forklifts Are Trending

When forklifts are trendingIt’s really too bad that when forklifts are trending, in the news that is, it’s usually just after some disastrous weather phenomena.  In 2005, forklifts were seen loading emergency relief supplies to be sent to the Gulf Coast to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.   Similarly rail cars and airplane cargo holds were videoed being packed by forklifts after the horrific 2012 Hurricane Sandy.  And now in the Philippines, after Typhoon Haiyan, the same scenes are being played out.  Granted, the tasks being performed are admirable, but it’s unfortunate most of the public is not really aware of lift trucks until such fiascos occur.

When forklifts are trending, typically, there’s a catastrophe being dealt with somewhere in the world.  It is only then, that the general public becomes actually aware of what remarkable pieces of equipment forklifts can be.     Most of you reading this post, though, know full well how valuable your lift trucks are to you.  They serve you well in all phases of material handling.  They’re indispensable.  I don’t have to tell, you know all that. What you may not know is, when the next time there’s a flood, earth quake, or hurricane, whether you will be asked to participate in sending emergency supplies to the stricken area.

Even if you are not asked the next time to take part in getting needed goods to the troubled region, you should have a crisis relief plan in place.  The particulars of such a plan should included specific details of just how you will get help to others.  In addition, you should be prepared to help your self in case the natural disaster occurs near your facility.

Some points you must keep in mind in planning for these situations include:

  1. Establish open lines of communication between all parties involved.  All must rely on just one accurate source of information in order to effectively act in unison.
  2. It will be imperative that you establish definite a chain of command in order to expedite matters should anything go wrong.
  3. Maintaining strong business partnerships is essential in good times and especially in bad.  You help them, they help you.
  4. If something unforeseen should happen, be flexible.  Don’t rigidly adhere to your preset plans if it’s obvious they’re not going to work.

Here in Southern California, the likelihood of a major earthquake is pretty significant.  If it’s truly a Big One, we will be unable to read about when forklifts are trending.  Are you prepared?

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