The Evolution of Forklift Technology

forklift, forklift technology, forklift trainingAlthough forklifts were first developed over 100 years ago, forklift technology has continued its evolution almost from day one. But in particular, the efforts put forth during both World War I and World War II, that helped spur the development of new forklift technology, might be considered the first “new age of forklifts.” During these times, forklifts that were more maneuverable and that could reach higher, were developed.

The forklift evolution has seen, over the years, the development of many new design types from simple lift trucks to hand operated pallet movers to today’s newest narrow aisle order pickers.

Forklift fuel technology has developed and evolved as well. The changes and improvements in the methods used to power forklifts are better now than they have ever been. Whether you’re using gasoline, diesel, propane or electricity to power your lifts, the forklifts running today are operated more cost effectively and eco-friendly than ones in the past because of the evolution in forklift technology. Sometime in the future, compressed air may even be used as fuel for forklifts and other industrial equipment. A number of scientists are working on ways to convert conventionally powered forklifts over to this truly “green” source of fuel and we hope for their success.

Today, a wireless laser lift technology is in use that allows forklift drivers to pre-set the exact heights needed in each material handling situation. This will greatly reduce the chances of operator error and will improve safety in the warehouse.

Even forklift training equipment has come into the 21st Century. A 3D forklift trainer has been developed by Tactus Technologies ( that allows new and even experienced forklift drivers a more realistic training session. The almost video game like equipment and software, allows trainees to practice in almost any warehouse situation that they will likely encounter.

Because of the evolution in forklift technology we are now working in cleaner and safer environment.

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