Tebowing is not for Forklifts – Forklift Maintenance is Critical

November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments | Filed under: Forklift Maintenance

Is your forklift maintenance progam lacking? Is this what it takes for you to make repairs to your forklift? Do your employees have to stand up and say they won’t take it anymore? They won’t drive your unsafe forklifts. If this is your situation, then I hope you are heavily insured because eventually, someone is going to get hurt.

It is an everyday occurrence for us to run into people who refuse to make the necessary repairs to their forklifts because they don’t want to spend the money. Just yesterday, one of our service reps visited a customer that had a tire that had completely delaminated off the hub and his employees were still operating the lift. How many of you are driving forklifts into trailers or containers and your forklift has no lights. Does your forklift have brakes that won’t hold or stop your forklift unless you press really hard? These are some of the more common safety issues that are put off because of cost cuts.

Have you been putting off changing the oil and oil filter on your forklift? When is the last time you greased your forklift. Have you cleaned out the radiator on your forklift recently? If you have answered no to any of these questions and your main reason is that you are trying to save money, then I can assure that though you may save in the short term, you will end up paying more down the road when you forklift needs a major overhaul.

Forklift maintenance and employee safety should not be looked at as an expense. It really is insurance against having to forgo a long term loss of valuable assets in bothyour employees and your equipment. The photo to the right is of Denver Bronco Rookie Quarterback Tim Tebow. He has become well know for donning this position after a big play to reflect on his accomplishments. Don’t find yourself having to do one of these poses just because your forklift is still running and your employees are safe at the end of the day.
We can help you  review and assess your situation. Then we can help you figure out what you need to keep your employees safe and your equipment running, at a reasonable cost. Pay now instead of paying more later!

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