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Forklift Safety Inspection

May 16, 2013
forklift safety inspection, safety, forklift safety

All forklifts are required by OSHA to undergo a visual safety inspection of all components before you start using them every day. OSHA demands, that prior to turning your forklifts, that you check the tire pressure, fluid levels, hoses, and chains. Then after starting up, you should then inspect the brakes, steering mechanism, battery, horn, […]

Forklift Training Equals Forklift Safety

April 18, 2013
forklift safety, forklift safety certification

Forklifts do present many different operating hazards, but if your forklift drivers receive proper forklift training and you emphasize the importance of forklift safety, it will help you minimize accidents in your workplace. It has been estimated that in the United States that there are almost 100 fatalities and almost 100,000 injuries as a result […]

Forklift Service – How often does your forklift need service?

April 16, 2013
Hyundai forklift service

How often your forklifts are serviced can depend on whether they are gasoline, propane, or electric powered. Are they used indoor or outdoors or both? Are they required to navigate rough terrain or are they used only on flat warehouse surfaces? These are among the many questions you have to ask yourself when planning your […]

52,250 Reasons to Provide Forklift Training

April 9, 2013
forklift safety, forklift training, forklift safety training

Forklift training for your employees on the proper safe operating protocols for forklift operation is a serious business..  The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports approximately 94,000 employees are injured annually in forklift accidents, which are the leading cause of industrial workplace deaths and injuries.  The following is and example of someone who failed […]

At least 18 years of age – Forklift Safety

April 4, 2013
forklift safety, over 18, forklift drivers must be 18 or order

Summer is fast approaching and so is the time when many companies will be looking to hire some seasonal help.  Often times this consist of younger hires, typically high school or college age employees.  If you are one of these companies, than you need to be aware, that in order for a person to operate […]

Revised ANSI Forklift Safety Standard for Fall Protection

March 4, 2013
ANSI, Forklift Safety, Hyundai Forklift of Southern California

A new ANSI forklift safety standard has been published for the use of lanyard and harness restraint systems on forklifts. On February 23, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard ANSI/ITSDF B56.1, clause 4.17 was revised. It now requires all users of man-up lift trucks to issue personal fall protection equipment based on the operator’s weight, and mandates […]

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