Forklift Repair – Knowing when to replace your forklift tires

April 14, 2011

One fact that is not well known is that Forklifts don’t have suspensions. As a result, everything rides on the tires. Tires are essential for softening the ride your employee, equipment and product experiences. So when your tires are low so is your forklift. In the past few blog posts we have attempted to educate […]

Tires, Tires, Know Your Forklift Tires Part II – Pneumatic Tires

April 12, 2011

  Pneumatic Forklift Tires As we continue our education about forklifts, the types and available features, we explore the second of three types tires and probably the most common tire know as, the Pneumatic tire. As the term implies, pneumatic tires were originally designed with an air inner tube. Forklift manufacturers have incorporated these tires […]

Forklift Maintenance – How to water your electric forklift battery

April 9, 2011

Electric forklifts are relatively maintenance free with one exception, forklift batteries.  Most electric forklifts utilize a lead-acid battery and it is critical forklift maintenance that these batteries have adequate water in them to get the maximum use and life that they are capable of providing. This video, hosted by George Espinoza , Customer Service Manager for […]

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Tires, Tires, Know your Forklift Tires – Part I – Cushion Tires

April 3, 2011

The most improtant forklift part for you to know something about is the forklift tire.  Forklifts ride on tires and the number of tire options can be confusing.  Selecting the correct tire can save you money and improve safety. There are typically three tire options and several sub-options within those options.  There are cushion tires, pneumatic […]

Montacargas En Los Angeles

March 31, 2011

Quisiera saber lo que un montacargas puede hacer por usted? Esta necesitando equipamiento para manejar sus materiales? Se sentiria mas comodo siendo ayudado por un representante que hable español?  Dejenos presentarnos. Somos Hyundai Forklift del Sur de California, su concesionaria de montacargas Hyundai para los condados de Los Angeles, Orange y Riverside. Nuestra compania está […]

Incredible Video of Future Technology

March 30, 2011

This is an incredible video of what future technology may have in store for us.  It is hard to believe we need to have greater access to news, information and communications,  than we already have today.  It is just great to see that the human mind is still thinking of new and better ways to do […]

Southern California’s Guide to Forklifts

March 28, 2011

Are you a forklift novice? Do you know the difference between a Stacker and an Order Picker?  Do you know which end the forks go on a forklift and which end the fuel tank goes on?  If you don’t, there is no need to worry because we are going to teach you. Southern California Forklift […]

The Evolution of California Forklifts

March 26, 2011

With this Blog post, we begin a journey through many postings, that will start with the very beginning of forklifts and provide a complete introduction to this product and technology.  It is our hope, that through these posts, you the reader will become more informed as a forklift operator or forklift owner on the history, […]

How to perform fork lift cost analysis in Southern California

March 20, 2011

Going green is becoming a very politically popular topic these days.  Saving money is an every day topic. There is little doubt that the world is looking for cleaner and more responsible products to use in nearly every facet of life. That, along with the sudden surge in the cost of petroleum fuels, is making your understanding of […]

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Doosan Infracore Planning To Sell Forklift Business

March 20, 2011

There is always a lot of action taking place in the forklift business.  The statement listed below was recently published by Bloomberg Businessweek and The Dow Jones International. Doosan Infracore Forklifts Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd. is considering selling its forklift business in order to focus on its construction equipment business and to secure capital for global expansion. […]

Looking for a forklift in Los Angeles?

March 13, 2011

If you live and work in Southern California and in particular in the Los Angeles area and you need a forklift for your business, you will find you have many choices. Most of the major manufacturers have dealerships in Los Angeles You have a choice of  Hyundai Forklift, Toyota forklift, Nissan Forklift, Komatsu Forklift, Yale, Hyster, Clark, Crown […]

How to Charge the Battery in an Electric Forklift

March 1, 2011

An electric forklift is powered by industrial batteries. The most common way to charge the battery is to use a charging station, which can service a number of different voltage batteries. These devices usually have two 8-foot cords that connect to the battery. Newer models are equipped with an automatic charge shut-off, which charges hard for […]

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  5. Lockout/Tagout (3,639 violations)
  6. Electrical (Wiring) (3,584 violations)
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  8. Ladders (3,244 violations)
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