Do you need to rent a forklift? We can help.

In most cases forklifts are the most expensive piece of equipment that material handlers use in their day to day operation.  And when one or more of them is out of commission for any reason, it can cost you dearly to replace them.  That’s where Hyundai Forklift of Southern California comes in.  You ponder the rent or buy option.  Should you buy a new forklift? Or – Do you need to rent a forklift?  We can help. Rent a forklift from Hyundai Electric Forklifts

We think forklift rental is a wise choice not only for the short term, but in many cases it’s the most economic and the smartest business strategy decision you can make for long term as well.  In addition an unexpected need for lift truck repair, other reasons to come to us for forklift for rentals are:

  1. Your experiencing an unforeseen seasonal demand such as stocking up for the Summer season.  Temporarily, you’ll need an additional lift truck.
  2. One of the products in your warehouse has become the new “iGadget” and customers can’t get enough of them.  You need another forklift just to keep up with demand.
  3. You’ve rearranged your warehouse in order to maximize floor space and now need a narrow aisle forklift.
  4. A short term rental for any reason allows you the time to evaluate a new lift truck to see if it truly meets your specific requirements.
  5. Hyundai forklifts have the longest warranty in the industry – 3 years or 4000 miles. Be sure to take a look at our electric lift trucks powered by state of the art AC technology including our line of 9 Series models that are extremely eco-friendly.

Before you come to see us you might want to consider making and list and checking it twice.  This will help assure you get the right forklift for your job.

  • What is the maximum weight you’ll need the new forklift to maneuver?
  • How high will it be expected to reach?
  • On what surface will it be operating?
  • How many hours a day or a week will it be in use?
  • Inspect your prospective forklift rental.  Is it in good shape?
  • Read and understand the rental contract before signing it.
  • The dealer’s insurance covers the forklift, but do you have adequate coverage for drivers and other workers at your facility?
  • How will the forklift be transported to your job site?
  • Rent a forklift from a reputable dealer.Rent a forklift from Hyundai Forklift of Southern California logo

Now that you’ve planned ahead and with list in hand or in mind (whatever the case might be) we can help you make this most important decision.  Don’t get caught short.   Hyundai Forklift of Southern California has its own forklift transport and can get your new rental lift truck anywhere in the Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County.  Do you need to rent a forklift?  Don’t wait, give us a call Today at 800-661-5241.  We can help.





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