Looking for a forklift in Los Angeles?

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If you live and work in Southern California and in particular in the Los Angeles area and you need a forklift for your business, you will find you have many choices. Most of the major manufacturers have dealerships in Los Angeles You have a choice of  Hyundai Forklift, Toyota forklift, Nissan Forklift, Komatsu Forklift, Yale, Hyster, Clark, Crown forklift, Raymond and Doosan, just to name a few. This wide breath of choices can make the selection process almost overwhelming.

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Hyundai Forklift

All of these forklift brands are well established and manufactured by major corporations with worldwide presence. So to sort through all the marketing hype and technical jargon, you need to look at a few basic points.

First of all, you need to make sure you are purchasing the correct forklift type for your business application and environment.  There are many types of forklifts and they are designed for specific applications.  You don’t want to purchase a diesel powered lift for use indoors and electric lifts outside are not always a good fit.   We will be writing several articles on this blog over the next few months to explain the differences.

The next point to consider, when purchasing a forklift in Los Angeles, is the product support.   This consist of several components, the first being a warranty that reflects the quality of the forklift.  If the forklift is built well, the manufacturer will offer a longer warranty because they know it is a good investment. Secondly, is there a dealer that understands your product and has the technical know how to fix your lift if it were to breakdown.  Third, and this is an important one, you want to make sure there is a easily accessible and local supply of OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) parts available should you need them.

Finally and certainly not least important, is your return on investment. This part of the equation considers the first two point and throws in price.  You want to purchase a forklift at a fair price but also you want one that is not going to breakdown a lot and if it breaks down, it doesn’t cost a lot to fix.  So price is only part of the equations and only considering this is a very short term view of the total equation.

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