Hyundai Forklift introduces two new LPG pneumatic forklifts

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Hyundai Forklift is pleased to introduce two new expanded-capacity LP gas forklifts to their pneumatic tire, Class V product lineup The addition of the smooth running, efficient and ergonomically designed 60/70L-7A series models allows Hyundai to offer customers 15 different pneumatic tire forklifts equipped with LP gas engines.

Hyundai’s new 60/70L-7A series forklifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in many applications including lumber yards, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.  With 13,230 and 15,430 lb load capacities, increased power and maximum productivity, the 60/70L-7A series can make any business more profitable.





Horsepower kW(hp)@rpms

70 (95)@2,300

70 (95)@2,300

Extended Mast Height (in)



Load Capacity (lbs)



More Specs for 60L-7A & 70L-7A

Hyundai’s 60/70L-7A forklifts are equipped with the Tier 4 certified, GM 4.3L V6 LP engine that boasts 95 HP @ 2,300 rpm.  This powerful, high-output engine provides greater acceleration, better gradeability and faster travel speed on tough terrains or slopes.  Featuring a state-of-the-art hydraulic system, these machines react quickly during operation and a low-noise control valve increases both efficiency and durability.  The 60/70L-7A series is equipped with fully hydrostatic power steering, which guarantees smooth and flexible steering, preventing overrun and kick-back.  Hyundai’s new 7A forklifts also include the Mast Lift and Tilt Lock System. This feature allows users to quickly raise and lower the mast as well as tilt 15 degrees forward and 10 degrees backward providing the best operational conditions during loading and unloading. The mast lift and tilt lock is part of the OPSS system, which deactivates hydraulic functions when the seat is vacated for more than 3 seconds, protecting the operator and helping to minimize damage to transported goods.   The 60/70L-7A series is also equipped with standard wet-disc brakes and a two stage forward/reverse transmission.

Along with high power and performance, Hyundai’s new 7A forklifts have been ergonomically designed with ease of use and operator comfort in mind.  Both new machines feature a spacious operator compartment equipped with a water-resistant monitor panel and operator-friendly gauges, including engine oil, transmission oil temperature, battery charging, air cleaner, engine check and brake oil warning lamps as well as a water temperature gauge and hour meter.  Additional standard options include a full suspension seat, wet disc brakes, headlights, rear view mirrors, back-up alarm, a non-slip rubber mat, ergonomically positioned pedals, an adjustable steering wheel, easy and safe shift levers and a secondary horn.  Optional items include a rear view camera and a load sensing system, a large variety of masts to choose from including wide view options, as well as an enclosed cab with heater.

Safety and durability have remained a top priority in the design of the 60/70L-7A series.  Both forklifts are built with a strong overhead guard meeting ISO 6055 regulation, which provides the operator with maximum protection during hazardous jobs. Both machines feature a ratchet-type parking brake that requires less effort from the operator to set, and a planetary reduction split-type drive axle, which smoothly delivers desired torque to the drive wheels. The 60/70L-7A models are built with heavy duty single unit frames, guaranteeing optimum safety and durability.  They also each include a large footboard and hand grip for safe and easy entering and exiting of the truck. Front headlights are bright for improved visibility and have a protective casing to prevent damage. To protect major machine components during operation on a rugged surface, the engine and transmission are assembled horizontally and positioned high in the frame.

The  60/70L-7A forklifts are designed for quick and easy access for maintenance and service.  Both trucks feature a gull-type engine hood with a highly accessible engine compartment, easily changeable air cleaners, maintenance free battery, a large tool box conveniently located in the machine’s side, an easy-to-access reservoir tank and a wing cover locking system. The 60/70L-7A machines also feature a brake fluid reservoir with level switch, easy maintenance oil check that requires no disassembly, and expansion bellows, which absorb vibration and reduce noise generated from the exhaust system while also extending the life cycle of the exhaust system. Grease fittings have been installed for fast access to steering axle center pin when doing service checks.


Hyundai Forklift offers quality material-handling equipment, including electric, diesel, internal combustion cushion and internal combustion pneumatic forklifts.

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