How to perform fork lift cost analysis in Southern California

March 20, 2011 | 0 Comments | Filed under: Southern California

Going green is becoming a very politically popular topic these days.  Saving money is an every day topic.

There is little doubt that the world is looking for cleaner and more responsible products to use in nearly every facet of life. That, along with the sudden surge in the cost of petroleum fuels, is making your understanding of the benefits of alternative fuel powered forklifts even more important.  The most viable and readily available technology today is battery operated electric forklifts and they can save you money.

Most consumers have avoided this alternative for many years.  Why? Because the acquisition cost of an electric forklift is much higher than a gas/lpg fork lift. Sometimes electric forklifts can cost as much as 30% more than a comparable gas forklift. Unfortunately, this is only one piece of the equations and a very short term view of the total cost of owning a forklift.
Electric forklifts represent nearly 60% of the forklift market today, up from just 45% twenty years ago, and for good reason. Companies in Southern California are doing the cost analysis onf forklifts  As a result, more and more companies are realizing the major benefits of choosing electric forklifts, which can include:
    1. Reduced costs – Fewer moving parts and less heat mean lower operating costs.
    2. Reduced fuel costs – If used appropriately, batteries and chargers cost less than LP, and energy costs are more stable.
    3. Reduced emissions – No output of carcinogens and carbons means improved operating conditions  and better health for your employees.
  1. Improved operator ergonomics – IC engines produce not only emissions, but also vibration and heat, both of which contribute to operator fatigue.
If you are interested in finding out more on this subject, we have the tools you can use to make the comparison and prove it to yourself.

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