Forklift Service Orange County – In house maintenance vs outsource?

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I met with a client today that is debating this exact question.  They have had a in-house maintenance crew for a very long time.  A lot of the guys have been there 20 plus years.  So they have seen their share of maintenance issues as well as forklift break downs and repairs.  But this specific client is in the manufacturing business and they have big machines that are required to produce the “widget” that everyone reading this post has seen or even currently use.  So with them having these machines that are needed to produce their product, the maintenance personnel have to not only keep the production machines up and running but also the forklifts that are needed to move the product.

This client of mine has noticed that production of their product movement slows down when their forklifts are needing a repair.  However the maintenance crew have to prioritize their repairs and unfortunately the forklifts are several items down on the list.  Obviously here is their problem.  So the client approached us and asked us to create a proposal for a maintenance program.  The program was presented and obviously the cost per hour for a fully trained technician to come in and perform all PM’s as well as service the forklifts was higher than what they were paying their maintenance staff.  So the question is what to do?

Sometimes the best answers are in plain sight and the only challenge is to get individuals on board with the best decision.  I always tell my customers, forklifts are a necessary evil.  They do not make you money, they actually cost you money.  However, without them being in service, the  product that does make that company money can’t be shipped or moved within their warehouse.  So the key here is up time.  Up time is the crucial piece to this puzzle and the one that I asked the client to focus on.  There is no doubt that my client can pay one of their personnel less than my technician and possibly get the forklift up and running.  But with technology constantly changing on the lifts, it is more difficult for a normal maintenance man to keep a new forklift up and running.  They need to be focusing on the big machines that make their product.

The end decision was to give our technician 6 months to prove to the client that even though it may cost them a bit more to have my technician service their forklift, my repairs will be quicker, my response time will be faster, and up time will be increased.  It is a big claim, I know.  But we do this for clients in my area every day.  I do not have anything against maintenance crews or non technicians working on forklifts.  However, when a lift is down because they are unable to get to it because the production line is down, then it is time to call in the experts.


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