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All forklifts are required by OSHA to undergo a visual safety inspection of all components before you start using them every day. OSHA demands, that prior to turning your forklifts, that you check the tire pressure, fluid levels, hoses, and chains. Then after starting up, you should then inspect the brakes, steering mechanism, battery, horn, lights, and the backup alarm. They all must be in proper working order before using your forklifts for any tasks that day.

For many years there were printed safety inspection check lists for the operators to fill out themselves. One copy was kept on the forklift and another copy was given to the office to be filed for future reference – if needed.

In addition to your daily inspection, a more thorough inspection should be scheduled every six months. Most importantly, the forklift blades themselves should be checked for wear, cracks, and distortion and be repaired or replaced as necessary. Contact your forklift dealer if the blades are found to have any problems. Do not try to fix them yourself. Your dealer should do the job. His mechanics are OSHA certified and will do the job properly – saving you money in the long run.

In these high tech days, many forklift owners are moving to more advanced methods of safety inspection record keeping. There quite a few software suites that business use that include a section to keep a record of their daily and six month forklift inspections. However, such programs are often very expensive, but, fortunately, there are other less costly and even free options out there.

It’s gone from “Yep, she looks OK ta me,” to smartphone and tablet apps for the forklift inspection process.

We, here at are excited about this new technology and we will be writing more about it in the near future.

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