Forklift radiator service in Southern California

forklift radiator, forklift, hyundai forklift, radiator, dirty radiatorHas your forklift seemed to have lost its power?  Maybe its engine is overheating.  Could it be that your are in need of a forklift radiator service?  To have your forklift radiator checked and serviced, contact us here at Hyundai Forklift of Southern California to setup an appointment.

Our highly qualified service technicians cover Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Riverside.  When you schedule a forklift radiator service with us, we respond rapidly, offer multilingual support, and we own our own forklift transport.

Some common signs of forklifts that are in need of radiator service are this loss of power and engine pinging.  Preignition and engine run-on (in the case of older lift trucks with carburetors) are also signs of overheating and that a radiator service might be in order.  If not attended to, an overheated and misfiring engine can lead to more serious and costly repairs. You don’t want that if we can come to you and perform our thorough forklift radiator service and get you back on line quickly.

Our radiator service consists of a complete check of your forklift’s entire cooling system.  We’ll make sure the thermostat is not damaged and in working order.  The hoses, radiator, heat core, water pump, and all gaskets will be checked for leaks. A faulty fan mechanism can cause the cooling system to loose its effectiveness, so we’ll verify the the fan’s clutch is running properly and that the fan belts are not worn.  Next, we clean the exterior of the radiator of any dirt or bugs that would block air flow through the radiator’s core.

A back-flush of the entire cooling system’s interior will remove clogs that maybe preventing the radiator from operating at maximum efficiency. After that, your system will be refilled with coolant.  We will make positive that it’s completely filled and that there are no air pockets to interfere with coolant circulation.

So contact our service department to schedule your forklift radiator service.  Better yet, setup a complete preventative maintenance program with us so that your lift trucks are always ready to go.

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