Forklift Parts

There are many parts that go into the building and maintaining a forklift. Understanding the quality, design and availability of these pieces is a complicated task

Forklift Maintenance – How to water your electric forklift battery

April 9, 2011

Electric forklifts are relatively maintenance free with one exception, forklift batteries.  Most electric forklifts utilize a lead-acid battery and it is critical forklift maintenance that these batteries have adequate water in them to get the maximum use and life that they are capable of providing. This video, hosted by George Espinoza , Customer Service Manager for […]

Tires, Tires, Know your Forklift Tires – Part I – Cushion Tires

April 3, 2011

The most improtant forklift part for you to know something about is the forklift tire.  Forklifts ride on tires and the number of tire options can be confusing.  Selecting the correct tire can save you money and improve safety. There are typically three tire options and several sub-options within those options.  There are cushion tires, pneumatic […]

How to Charge the Battery in an Electric Forklift

March 1, 2011

An electric forklift is powered by industrial batteries. The most common way to charge the battery is to use a charging station, which can service a number of different voltage batteries. These devices usually have two 8-foot cords that connect to the battery. Newer models are equipped with an automatic charge shut-off, which charges hard for […]

Foklift Attachments

February 9, 2011

Below is a list of common forklift attachments:[10] Dimensioning Devices-fork truck mounted dimensioning systems provide dimensions for the cargo to facilitate truck trailer space utilization and to support warehouse automation systems. The systems normally communicate the dimensions via 802.11 radios. NTEP certified dimensioning devices are available to support commercial activities that bill based on volume. […]

Lift truck scales raise productivity – Article from Modern Materials Handling

January 20, 2011

Lift truck scales raise productivity – Article from Modern Materials Handling

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