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Mitsubishi Sells Forklift Operation to Nichiyu

November 29, 2012

Japanese manufacturing company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has announced today (Thursday) that it will sell its fork lift truck operations to Nippon Yusoki Co. with effect from April 2013. Mitsubishi’s business will be merged with Nippon Yusoki’s forklift operation. Mitsubishi Heavy will own 49% of the voting rights in Nippon Yusoki following the deal. Nippon Yusoki […]

Forklift Safety Training Orange County – Stay in the Cab

November 26, 2012

When it comes to forklift operation, safety should always be the top priority. Even though forklifts have become significantly safer each year, it is still up to the operator to ensure that he or she is taking the necessary forklift safety precautions. In everyone of our safety training classes, we teach our students the importance of staying in the cab if and when their forklift may tip over.

The video below demonstrates the importance of staying in the forklift cab. Each and every year forklift drivers suffer serious injuries when they jump or are thrown from the forklift cab. One of the major causes of these injuries is simply the fact that forklift operators speed and fail to take the necessary safety precautions. To avoid injury, forklift operators should remember to never drive with a raised load, refrain from speeding, always wear a seatbelt, and remember to stay in the cab and brace themselves if the forklift ever tips over.

Hyundai Forklift’s $150K Great Deal

November 18, 2012

Great Deal!…It is not often that you come across a good deal and even less often you come across a great deal. The Hyundai 160D-7E is a great deal. Powered by the very popular and always dependable Cummins QBS6.7 diesel engine, the Hyundai 160D provides in excess of 162 horsepower. The superior power that this […]

Toyota Purchase Could Be Influence By Class-Action Lawsuit

November 8, 2012
toyota forklift, hyundai forklift, forklifts los angeles, forklifts orange county

A class-action lawsuit about stock pricing may influence the potential combination of the owner of the largest forklift manufacturer and the largest load-engagement maker.  On 2 November, a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corp (TICO) began a tender offer to acquire attachments manufacturer Cascade Corp. The offer is scheduled to expire on 3 December unless extended.  […]

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