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Loading Dock Equipment

January 31, 2012
dock board, loading dock equipment

Loading dock equipment is critical to the safe operation of you forklifts in and around your loading dock.  Dock plates and dock boards are a couple very important tools you can use to bridge the gap between your dock and the trailer you want to unload. Dock plates and dock boards are simply metal ramps, […]

Pallet Racking – Which System is Right For Your Business

January 29, 2012

Buying a pallet racking system can massively expand the storage capacity of any warehouse. Before buying a pallet rack, though,it’s important to understand what types of systems are out there and how to evaluate your own storage needs. What’s your materials flow like? A pallet rack that’s right for one company may not work for […]

Hyundai Motor reports record $7.2B profit for 2011

January 28, 2012
hyundai, hyundai motors, hyundai cars

Hyundai Motor Co., the maker of the Elantra and Sonata sedans and the Tucson SUV, is South Korea’s largest automaker and a major force in the global auto industry. It has expanded aggressively overseas in recent years with factories in China, India, the Czech Republic, the United States and Russia. The company’s 2011 earnings reached […]

New Forklift Product – Helps spot the invisible man from a forklift

January 27, 2012
pedestrian safety, safety, forklift safety, osha, transmon engineering

There is a new forklift product on the market to improve forklift safety. OSHA requires all operators of forklift equipment to be trained and tested in the protocols of  forklift safety .  But does that make you warehouse safe? One hazard that training cannot eliminate is blind spots, particularly when pedestrians and forklifts are required to […]

Electric Forklifts Don’t Like Heat

January 25, 2012
hyundai forklift, electric forklift, reach forklift, three wheeler

The use of  electric forklifts   in industry today has grown dramatically in recent years.  Operators are finding more and more applications for which the use of an electric forklift is ideal.  They are also finding that there are fewer applications for which an   electric forklift   does not fit.  This is a good thing for our environment, […]

Changing Forklift Tires Ain’t Easy

January 23, 2012

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