Monthly Archives: August 2011

More Product in your Warehouse Using Slip Sheets

August 31, 2011

Found this great video today from a great company Rehrig Pacific.  This video provides an incredible insight into two material handling products that allow you to fit more product in your current warehouse space,slip sheets and push/pull attachments for your forklift. What this video will demonstrate to you is how much space a pallet takes […]

Dramatically Reduced Maintenance Costs With Wet Disc Brakes

August 28, 2011

If you didn’t already know, there are two types of brakes commonly found on a forklift. The first type of brake system you might find is the traditional Drum Brake system, so called because the braking part is drum-shaped. Inside the drum, two large, curved brake pads push outwards, slowing you down. At the top of […]

Nissan Forklifts Almost As Good As Hyundai Forklift

August 19, 2011

I found a blog post on a competitor’s website today that struck me as pretty incredible. The local Nissan Forklift dealer announced, that they are offering a special warranty until the end of the year, on their gas and electric forklifts. The warranty they are offering is a two year unlimited warranty on the entire […]

California Air Resources Board Relaxes LSI Requirements

August 4, 2011

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently made changes to the requirements for operators of in-use Large Spark Ignition (LSI) equipment. The original LSI Fleet Requirements included limited hours of use (LHU) provisions. These provisions allowed LSI equipment operators to exclude LHU equipment from calculations to determine compliance with the fleet average emission level (FAEL) […]

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