Monthly Archives: April 2011

Doosan Sells Forklift Business

April 29, 2011

Doosan Infracore Co. agreed to sell its forklift unit to an affiliate and Standard Chartered Plc for $230 million to repay funds it borrowed to buy Bobcat units form Ingeroll-Rand in 2007. The transaction will be completed by the third quarter, Doosan Infracore, South Korea’s biggest construction-equipment maker, said today in a filing. Read more […]

Power and Speed – Gotta Have Guide to Forklift Engines

April 26, 2011

Do you need the biggest engine in your forklift? Are bigger forklift engines always better? Common sense would make you feel that you want as much power as possible for a reasonable price. So do you want an engine that makes your forklift go fast? Do you need it to be able to climb steep grades? Do you […]

LIft Truck – Choosing the brand that fits for your business

April 22, 2011

There are so many brand choices for a buyer to consider when making a forklift purchase. How do you decide which is right for you? Price, warranty, reputation, good salespeople, color of the forklift, or technical specifications are just a few of the factors to consider. Which is most improtant to you? We would like […]

Forklift Repair – Knowing when to replace your forklift tires

April 14, 2011

One fact that is not well known is that Forklifts don’t have suspensions. As a result, everything rides on the tires. Tires are essential for softening the ride your employee, equipment and product experiences. So when your tires are low so is your forklift. In the past few blog posts we have attempted to educate […]

Tires, Tires, Know Your Forklift Tires Part II – Pneumatic Tires

April 12, 2011

  Pneumatic Forklift Tires As we continue our education about forklifts, the types and available features, we explore the second of three types tires and probably the most common tire know as, the Pneumatic tire. As the term implies, pneumatic tires were originally designed with an air inner tube. Forklift manufacturers have incorporated these tires […]

Forklift Maintenance – How to water your electric forklift battery

April 9, 2011

Electric forklifts are relatively maintenance free with one exception, forklift batteries.  Most electric forklifts utilize a lead-acid battery and it is critical forklift maintenance that these batteries have adequate water in them to get the maximum use and life that they are capable of providing. This video, hosted by George Espinoza , Customer Service Manager for […]

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